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Americanmeangirls Goddess Platinum Mistress Dandy Beaten for the HBIC


This strange pathetic old man slave… it is such a freak in it’s devotion to Me. It has promised Me countless times that I am the only person that could ever possibly BREAK-IT… OF COURSE I’M GOING TO PUT THAT TO THE TEST!!!So in step Princess Mia and Mistress Dandy to see if they can make this pathetic wretched old thing go back on its word to Me… if they can make it cry out for mercy, and break My old geezer pain slave bitch… From short little 24 leather whips, to full length single tails and bull whips, these Mean Girls lay into this old senior citizen as it attempts to prove its fidelity and obedience in tolerating anything for Me… Watch the ass kicking and brutal beating this old man takes, by the end his nipple is extremely red and messy, as are his arms, one ear, and all sorts more… god is this thing a stupid pathetic old piece of shiet… but it sure loves to take an ass beating because I tell it to…. HAHAHAHA….. it’s so fucking wonderful being Me…

Date: March 15, 2021

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