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Americanmeangirls Mistress Dandy Decrepit Do Nothing Dimwit Dodging Duties


It’s nearly impossible to explain how angry I was when I got back to the Manor only to find the old idiot slave I had instructed to clean the common areas was wasting time playing on its cell phone. And that isn’t even the bad part, what was OH SO MUCH FUCKING WORSE, was that this stupid thing had the AUDACITY TO SIT ON MY FURNITURE, and even worse than that, was the stupid fucking thing did so WHILE IT WAS NAKED!!!This ends NOW! So see how I put this waste of sperm to work like a bitch. And dressed like a stupid little bimbo to boot. See how things unfold when you live in the Manor but haven’t done your chores. Uh-oh, Ms. Dandy is not pleased. Maybe somebody’s gotta little surprise coming for them… Buy it now loser and see just how bad things get for this thing…. LOL

Date: March 15, 2021

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