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An Li s Ass Emporium Pain Training


My slave boyfriend can’t handle pain very well. In fact, he hates pain. He is one of those bitches that reacts very strongly (read: angrily) to it, and it irritates me quite a bit. It’s one of the reasons I use so much heavy bondage on him – to make sure he does not fight back from the pain. It’s like caging a wild beast.That’s why I’ve endeavored to take on a regular regimen of pain for him. His skin needs to toughen up. I’m a sadist, after all. And man, do I love hitting men with sticks. I also like seeing men cry.If he wants to be my slave, he needs to learn how to handle pain, and I am not taking no for an answer. I will beat the submission into him, and he will learn to accept what I give to him. And this time, I give him room to move – to jump, work, and scream through the pain, but not too much, and with just the right amount of bondage to keep him helpless.This clip is a very intimate look at our dynamic while I beat some sense into him in a hard, judicial caning.Features: classic judicial caning, leather male bondage, submissive/slave/sub training, femdom, female domination, female supremacy, corporal punishment, discipline, disciplinarian

Date: May 19, 2021

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