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Asian Cruelty Madam Luzia Lowe YOUR ASS IS MINE


The pain and suffering are brought to a feverish pitch, as I use not one, not two, but three painfully brutal paddles on my petsass. The result is pure, inexorable agony for my helplessly bound slave. This video truly showcases me at my most sadistic best(or worst, depending on ones perspective lol), as I effortlessly pound both ass cheeks, his flesh welting, bruising and breakingfrom my violation.It takes such little effort to inflict immense pain with these arcane instruments of torment, as you can see by tormentedexpression on his face, and his primal screams. Nothing excites mew more, than to hear his screams fill my play space, mixed withthe sound of my paddles smacking against his ass flesh Not an inch of his sorry ass escapes my vengeance. His ass is truly mine.Category: FEMALE DOMINATIONRelated Categories: WHIPPING, SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING, BONDAGE, BDSM, LEATHERKeywords: bdsm, flogging, domination, female superiority, fetish, femdom, whipping, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, madamluzia lowe, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training

Date: April 28, 2021

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