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This incompetent driver has rear ended Goddess Lana’s new BMW causing severe damage and an excessive repair bill. Naturally, he will pay for all of the damages and inconvenience for this supreme Asian Goddess. But his punishment will not stop there. Goddess believes that turnabout is fair play, and as such she thinks she intends to cause some severe damage to his rear end. Literally!Aw Poor slave! Just when he thought that he had payed off damages AND THEN SOMEGoddess Lana has other things in mind. Shes picked up on the little faggot gene in this slave and she’s going to make good use of it.She has already Ass plowed his gay ass with double the impact of their fender bender. The Goddess has just begun, she believes that she can peg the “GAY” right out of this boy and she’s gonna give it all that she’s got. She is unrelenting as she pushes deeply into his crying whiny ass!Category: PEGGINGRelated Categories: PEGGING, ASIAN GODDESS, FEMDOM, HUMILIATION, BRAT GIRLSKeywords: female domination, strap, brat princess, goddess lana, asian goddess, verbal humiliation, bdsm, submissive, corporal discipline, humiliation, pegging, lingerie, face slapping, submissive, slave training, ass humiliation

Date: March 21, 2021

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