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AstroDomina ASS FACE feat AstroDomina


I love getting my ass worshiped. And now I have a little thing that will ensure my slave can’t get away from my ass even if he wanted to. Super!Sydney has a new contraption she wants to try out with her ass slave. It’s a harness/backpack type contraption that pretty much ties his face to her majestic ass. His face is attached to her ass, with nowhere to go. The only movement he has is for his tongue to move in and out of her asshole. Gasping for breath and aiming to please his Goddess, the slave tries hard to do what he can to survive. Especially when Sydney tightens the straps on him. She’s having a blast with this little device. Her favorite part is when his moans make his nose vibrate deep into her anal cavity.Category: ASS WORSHIPRelated Categories: ASS LICKING, ASS EATING, ASIAN GODDESS, ASS SMOTHERING, ASS SMELLING.Keywords: asian goddess, asian princess, femdom, female domination, female supremacy, femdom pov, ass worship, ass eating, ass licking, ass smelling, ass smothering, astrodomina, ass fetish, bdsm

Date: March 15, 2021

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