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BallbustingandChastity Ball Bruising Mallet How Much Can Your Testicles Take


The more bruised and swollen a pair of nuts is, the more I enjoy looking at them. So I put my pet in the trample table and went crazy with my mallet, repeatedly hitting his balls over and over until he was groaning in agony. I tied a pair of my panties around his cock and balls to ensure I delivered viciously accurate blows, and then placed my palm over his nuts and leaned down with all my weight, crushing his testicles against the table.By the end of the clip, I think I must have smacked his nuts a couple hundred times with my mallet, and they were looking pretty fucked up. He told me it hurt to walk the next day LOL! There is NO WAY he’s still able to have babies with all the damage I did to his testicles. Towards the end I took some breaks to squish and flatten each ball between my fingers, feeling them distort as they reached their bursting point…

Date: March 15, 2021

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