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BondageLife Greyhound Opens Her Christmas Presents Rachel Greyhound


Tis the period below at Chains Life and also in this special interactive holiday stream, Greyhound kneels in front of the Christmas tree as well as opens up her presents! After obediently providing her butt to the camera, our obedient little creature gets to the job handy and opens up all of her remarkable Xmas presents. Opening up the first gift from ROFCIBC, Greyhound displays every one of the components of package including a sneaky spider gag, tongue depressor gag, harnesses, collars, whips and also much more every one of which she is eager to try. Next up she happily unpacks and also reveals an extremely amazing radiance at night butt plug from Night24 which obviously she instantly licks and puts it right into her butt. She unwraps several even more gifts from ROFCIBC that contain one of her favorite vibes and also several lovely whips and also canes prior to opening a cute pacifier trick talented to her by our really own Dart_Tech! Unwrapping her last gift she exposes yet one more box packed with remarkable BDSM gear from ROFCIBC prior to providing the Bondage Life participants their extremely own gift by stooping and providing her gorgeous pussy as well as butt to the video camera!

Date: March 15, 2021

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