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BondageLife Room Cleaning BrutalMaster Rachel Greyhound


Your preferred creature gets down and also unclean in Brutal Masters boiler room in this special 3 part stream! Our helpless little slave first locates herself secured a tiny steel cage in the cold and dark basement, when her browbeater, Brutal Master gets here, he allows her the privilege of taking his piss straight down her throat, after that after she is released from her cage she is bought to squat over her dish and also piss in it after that obediently consumes everything. After being embarrassed by consuming piss, our nude little creature puts on her boots, gloves, and also knee pads as she prepares yourself to cleanse the boiler room but not before getting her head shaved with clippers and a straight razor! With her head fresh shaven and also her useless pussy protected tightly behind a waist and also crotch chain, a defenseless Greyhound is compelled to creep up the basement steps then crawl down into the dirty boiler room to start the laborious task of cleaning it in the special three component stream that no Greyhound follower must miss out on!

Date: March 15, 2021

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