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BratPrincess Amadahy Unproductive Cow Gets Balls Brutally Beaten


Amadahy straps a slave into a leg spreader and brutally busts its balls. The slave has not met its production quota on the milking bench. Its not producing enough pre-cum, so Amadahy gives it some stern motivation. Hopefully, the cow will come to fear its punishment enough to increase productivity in the future. The creature will not want another intimate run in with Amadahys boots. After several hard kicks, the slave agrees to try and meet its 3 ounce quota. Amadahy doubts hes capable, but that suits her just fine. She loves beating unproductive cows. Amadahy kicks the cow to the ground. The silly beast tries to use people words. She kicks it again while its down. This cow will not be given a rest period in chastity. Its going straight back on to the milking bench.

Date: March 15, 2021

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