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Bratty Bunny Slave Ache for Me


Are you my slave? You will be after this clip. I want you weak and aching for me. I want you to really devout yourself to me. In ways, you haven’t before. Ache Ache Ache for me. Give in to me. Submit to me. Can you show me how submissive you really are? Maybe you have been on the fence and haven’t given in fully before. You’re a little bit scared to go in deep. You don’t know what do to. Guess what? I’ll guide you. I’ll control you. You don’t have to do much really. I’ll make you mine. I’ll tell you what to do, how to act. A true submissive for me. Ache for me. All men need to ache. Go ahead and stroke just a few for me. Then stop. I’ll show you how weak you are. Prove it to me. TEASE

Date: March 15, 2021

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