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Bratty Lindsay Pervy Step Daddy JOI


You know why I brought you in here right? Because you won’t stop fucking staring at me. You make it so fucking obvious that you’re obsessed with me. You’re always perving on me. Even when you were marrying my mom you could not stop staring at me. It was fucking disgusting. You cannot get over the fact that I am so much hotter than my mom is. And now every time I’m around, you’re always staring at me and my perfect little body because you can’t get enough. And who could blame you, I’m perfect in every fucking way.I can even see your boner through your pants, you make it so obvious how bad you want me. Like it’s seriously disgusting. You stare at me whenever she’s around. So I brought you in here to have some fun with you before I leave for college. I want to watch you jerk off to me. This is your fucking dream, you get to jerk your pathetic perv cock off to my perfect young body. So pull it out, idiot.Start jerking as you worship my perfect little body, as you wish you were fucking me instead of my mom. You wish that you could rip this little dress off of me, don’t you? You wish I’d let you see my hot young body. But I’m just going to use my body to tease you and make you further addicted to me. I’m so perfect, aren’t I? Look at you, drooling and jerking like a stupid old perv.You wish so badly that you could touch my perfect little young body. But that will never happen. I’m only allowing you to jerk to me so that I can completely control you. I mean what if anyone found out? You’d be so fucked. Now I hold so much power over you. Not like I didn’t already, lol. Look at my perfect little ass, idiot. I can tell it’s making you so stupid for me.Keep jerking and think about how you’d rather fuck me instead of her. Look how horny you are, ewww it’s so gross! But keep stroking and imagining fucking my hot little body. I know you want to cum so badly for me. All of your cum is going to be for me from now on. I want you to know that it’s me that makes you cum and not her. You’ll never be able to cum for her again. How does it feel to be owned by your bratty little step daughter? I loved fucking with you, and I know you loved it too. Now fuck off perv!

Date: March 20, 2021

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