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Candy Glitter Loser Treatment 1


Look at that, the loser is back for more humiliation. Did you think you would be getting anything other than humiliation from me? Of course not. You’re a loser, and you deserve to be humiliated. You deserve the loser treatment. The loser treatment is whatever I want! It could vary by day, it could be a series of humiliating tasks, it could be denial, it could be ANYTHING. The point is, when you’re a loser, you don’t get to make your own choices. Rule #1 of the loser treatment – NO PUSSY FOR YOU. If you can’t accept that, you aren’t ready to serve and worship me. You deserve denial, you deserve the loser treatment. What do I have in store for you today? The only info I will give you about today’s loser treatment clip is that you will be allowed to stroke. In future editions of the loser treatment, that might not be the case. ? Step 1 of the Loser Treatment: download this clip and follow my instructions.

Date: March 15, 2021

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