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CearaLynch Chinese Humiliation


Disclaimer: This clip contains strong racist language that may be offensive to those who do not share the fetish. If this clip angers more than it arouses, it wasn’t meant for you. No need to get riled up over other people’s kinks. Our brain makes them up without our permission and they do not go away. So long as were not hurting anyone else, we might as well enjoy them. I can see you staring at me… you’d think those tiny Goook slits for eyes that you wouldn’t be able to see. Lusting after the all those tall pretty white women, but none of us would ever pay attention to a pathetic Chynk wonton of a man like you. There isn’t a girl on this planet that would touch your skinny chopstick dick. Well, maybe another boring squinty-eyed HarajuCUNT might, but you don’t like your kind. You self-hating racist! You think you’re better than that, sadly that buck-tooth face is only good for degradation. Nothing pleases you more than serving your white Anglo-angel Goddess and being humiliated by her. Looks like your fortune cookie is predicting a lifetime of loneliness, so you’ll just have to stroke that tiny little rice cock between those ugly springroll legs for the rest of your miserable life.

Date: March 15, 2021

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