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Club Stiletto Miss Jasmine A Spanking A Day Hubby


Behind every successful man is a strong woman… with a firm hand. In this classic 5 minute clip, Jasmine keeps hubby in line by giving him a harsh spanking. Jasmine tells the camera that she has a good husband but he forgets things and it’s not right that he forget his responsibilities and duties to her. Every morning she starts their day by putting him over her lap and spanking him hard, making sure he knows who is in charge and getting him off to a good start so by the end of the day he has done everything expected of him and they are both happy. Sadly the following morning, it all has to be done again. Jasmine rubs his bum gently at times to stimulate him and then proceeds to deliver repeated blows to his ass until it is beet red. Hubby asks/begs her to stop but she reminds him she does it for both of their benefits and the spanking continues. Wouldn’t you love to start your morning over your wife Jasmine’s lap?Category: OTK SPANKING, SPANKING

Date: March 15, 2021

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