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Clubstiletto I m In Charge Little Man Seat Cushion Training


Mistress Irene is an amazon next to her little wimp of a slave. She tightens a clamp on his balls, to insure he is suffering, and then moves onto his face. Her ass looks amazing as it engulfs the poor sluts head and instantly his air is cut off. “If I’m going to use you for movie night you have to be able to hold your breath longer” she tells him. She also says her boyfriend will be there and they will be holding hands and the last thing she needs is him distracting her. She decides to treat him and starts bouncing on his face. Her ass cheeks really get a lot of motion going as they slam into his face.She then sits back down hard and starts playing with his tiny cock. She lets up after he kicks a bit and removes her shoes. She then sits full weight and upright so he is again completely buried under her ass. “Silence is golden” she says as she waits for the slave to start to fight under her ass. When he does, she gets up to slap his balls a bit and then shifts back onto his chest with his head sticking out between her legs. She looks into his eyes and tells him how little he is and how big her boyfriend is and then again moves up onto his face. “Just lay there quietly” she tells him.

Date: March 15, 2021

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