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ClubStiletto Miss Jasmine Bound And Thirsty 1080 HD


Miss Jasmine is relaxing on her toilet table, her slave is secured under it by chains and locks. She has a rope in her hands that is attached to his balls. She has him by the balls literally and figuratively. The camera angle switches to the slaves view, on the floor looking up at Jasmines ass. She reaches between her legs and undoes the zipper to reveal her pussy and ass. The angle again changes so you now see her from the front. “I hope he’s thirsty” she says.The camera moves back below the table just as Jasmine starts to pee. She’s been holding it a long time and lets out a hard stream of her nectar. “Swallow it” she demands. “I hope it burns your eyes” she adds. As she finishes the camera moves back to a front view and she says with a giggle “Well I hope he enjoys marinating in it.” She gets up and leaves the room.

Date: March 20, 2021

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