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Clubstiletto Miss Madison Rides Her bike and Pisses in Her Panties


As this scene opens we see Miss Madison working up a sweat on her stationary bike, using her slaves face as her seat. She lifts her arms to show how badly she is sweating and then looks at you and says “I bet you’ve always wanted to be a girls bike seat.” The camera gives you some great upward views of her amazing ass and full screen shots too so you catch her beautiful sweaty tits. As she peddles away she tells you to come over and lick an armpit. She raises her muscular arm up in the air and there are beads of sweat to be feasted on. Beneath her, her other slave is fighting for air. She stops peddling for a minute so you can get in close on her feet, and see how the sweat has formed on them too. She tells you to lick them clean. “Imagine me sticking each and every toe in your mouth” she says.Finally she gets off the bike and leans over and tells the slave to sniff and kiss her ass. “Tell me how much you love it” she says to her slave. Well he is eagerly kissing her ass cheeks, she suddenly realizes she has to piss. She stands over a piece of vinyl she has laying on the floor and releases a giant steam of sweet golden nectar, which runs over to her feet. She orders the slave to suck up the mess and then says maybe you’d like to buy her soaked panties. The camera zooms in from behind giving you and amazing view of her treasures along with the dripping wet panties. Divine Miss Madison all soaked in pee and sweat, a dream cum true for any slave.

Date: March 15, 2021

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