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ClubStiletto Miss Xi Ball Annihilation


Miss Xi again has her slave in her favorite position, bound to the railing by the wrists so she can kick and knee the krap out of his balls. After kicking him and then kneeing him for a period she asks what hurts more and when he says the kicks she thanks him for the feedback n starts kicking him repeatedly and as hard as she can. She calls him a bitch and says all boys are and that’s why she has no concern continuing to kick him even as he droops over in pain n surrender. There is no surrender until she has had enough and she is only getting warmed up.Xi uses both her left n right foot. When he goes to his knees she makes him kiss her shoe but only briefly as she orders him to again spread his legs and the kicking continues. She then takes off her shoes to kick him barefoot but 1st makes him kiss them. She tries some heel kicks and asks him how it compares to other kicks. She tells him to stand up and then generously lets him decide if he wants her to use the right or left foot. After hundreds of kicks and knees to the groin she picks up her shoe and presses the heel into his balls. Through it all the slave can’t hide his arousal as his cock is rock hard. Like you, he knows his balls are meant to be annihilated by a beautiful woman.

Date: March 20, 2021

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