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Clubstiletto Mistress Kandy Goddess Airen All He Had to Do Was Cum


Mistress Kandy is teaching Goddess Airen the art of ballbusting. The slave is chained to the railing while Kandy demonstrates with medium kicks and has Airen give it a try. It’s not long before Airen’s kicks are picking up in speed and intensity, and the slave finds himself moaning and groaning with every blow. Kandy holds his dick out the way and encourages Airen to give the slave’s balls a few soft nudges with her foot in between kicks just to keep him guessing what’s coming next- hard or soft? Then Kandy retracts her hand, noticing it’s stained with pre-cum. She orders the slave to lick her hand clean while Airen redoubles on the kicks. Since he is so turned on by this torturous exercise, Kandy decides to give him a challenge: She’ll jerk him off for a minute, and if he can cum within that time, the girls will cease to bust his nuts. If not, they are going to kick him harder……It’s not hard to guess which option plays out!

Date: March 21, 2021

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