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Countess Jezebeth Programmed to Pay


You simply can’t help but beg to worship Me. It’s all that you feel you can do. I tantalize you with My body and make it very difficult for you to tell Me no. When I say Yes, Countess you must pay. C’mon, don’t be afraid, this is good for you… and you really don’t have any other choice but to become a drone to pay. Programmed to pay. Programmed to please Me. I use my seduction against you and make this kind of torturous. Mesmerizing you with My words, My body, triggers. You must please Me, you must give in to Me. It will feel so good to please Me in one of the only ways that you possibly can. So repeat after Me.. say Yes, Countess… of course, Countess. Anything for Countess. Everything for Countess.

Date: March 15, 2021

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