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When Marsha May shows up to see his room for rent, her potential landlord is happy that such a pretty girl might be moving in. But Marsha is not convinced that the tiny room is worth that much, and besides, wouldn’t he rather work something out? The potential landlord is totally down with the idea, and soon Marsha has his dick in her hands, jerking him off! But just when he is about to cum, Marsha takes her hands off his dick, then goes back to stroking it again. After this happens a few times,Marsha stands up, so he does as well. He starts to confront Marsha about why she stopped, but she demands that, if he wants to cum, he had better get on his fucking knees right now! She just laughs as he complies. She then orders him to jerk off, making sure that, when he cums, it is all over her boot. Marsha orders him to eat his cum off of her boot and then the floor, which he does. Marsha tells him that he is now her bitch and, if he ever wants to cum again, he will have the keys to her free room ready when she returns with her things.

Date: March 15, 2021

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