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Crystal Knight Inescapable Ex Girlfriend Mesmerization


You enter your hotel room and am surprised to see me there. (Background: I am an ex-girlfriend who was manipulative and I seduced you and mesmerized you and used to make you do anything I said. You were helpless once I made you cum. You ran away from me.) I tell you that I have traced you and have come to steal you back. I don’t care that you’re married. You’ll do everything I say once you’re mesmerized. I then use my eyes and lips to mesmerize you and make you look into my eyes while you cum… I then use my famous line, “Utkarsh, I make the rules now”. Name – UtkarshKeywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Crystal Knight, POV, Ultra HD, Femdom 4K, 4K Video, 4K Clips, 4K Femdom, Hypno, Hypnotic, Mesmerize, Mental Domination, Hypnosis, Mind Fuck, Homewrecked, Home Wreck, Home Wrecking, Homewrecker fantasy, Bikini, Blue Eyes, Evil Fantasy, Ex Girlfriend, Goddess Worship, Tit Worship

Date: March 15, 2021

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