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Dangerous Temptation Cockold Slave Husband


do you want to make, Me, your new loving wife of one month, the happiest woman in the world? Do you love me like a good husband should? Well, good is not enough! You must do better than good! So, how can you show the depth of your love to me? How can you please me and make our marriage last? First, go get my favorite dildo and some lube and then return to learn. In order to prove your continued love and devotion to me, you must become the Perfect Cuckold Slave Husband. If you become the Perfect Cuckold Slave Husband to me, who knows, maybe I’ll take you to heaven with me . . . cuckold heaven, that is. To become the Perfect Cuckold Slave Husband, you must obey my Ten Rules . . . Cuckold Husband

Date: March 15, 2021

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