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Darling Josefin Guys Like You Only Watch 2


It’s a few months later. I’ve broken up with my boyfriend, and I’m looking for a guy with a bigger dick. You spot a guy with an ENORMOUS cock in the locker room at the gym, and decide to bring him home for me to play with. As a reward, I let you watch us fuck. First I order you to make his cock hard, then I laugh about how his giant cock makes yours look even smaller. I let him fuck me while you watch, staring into your eyes and insulting you, reminding you that guys like you could never have a girl like me. Afterwards, I allow you to clean his cum out of my pussy, then order you to clean him up as well. Now, why don’t you go look up penis enhancements on the internet while I keep playing with my new toy? Bye, loser!Published Nov 23, 2020Coerced Bi, Cuckold$14.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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