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DemonGoddessJ Human Toilet Threat


Get on your fucking knees. I know I didn’t stutter, get down there now. Stick your tongue. Do you know what that is? That wet pink thing? That’s not a tongue. It’s my god damn toilet paper and I’ll use it when and how I see fit. I don’t care if this all feels a bit rough to you. It feels good to me and that’s what really counts. We both know where you belong. We both know what you owe to me. Stop fighting it and accept your role on the bathroom floor, you’re going to love being underneath me and I will accept nothing less than total enthusiasm. What we’ve been doing no longer excites me. I used to love chugging water all day so I could blast my hot salty liquid into your gurgling stomach but it’s just too tame these days. My new fantasy is to keep you chained to the floor, mouth gaping, ready to serve as my complete toilet at any time day or night. In time this will be your fantasy too. Say thank You Goddess!

Date: May 22, 2021

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