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DemonGoddessJ MollyLanePDX Duo Domme SPH with MollyLanePDX


Small penis humiliation is one of the easiest fetishes to talk about. The conversation flows so smoothly and naturally because, come on! Everything about tiny dicks is funny! MollyLanePDX and I were even discussing how specific our taste in cocks are… more than 7 inches, not too much balls in comparison to dick size, nothing too saggy. Size is certainly the most important though. Nothing fun happens with a little dick. You can’t give a proper blow job, just a little bit of suction. You can’t give a proper tit job or really bounce on it because there’s just nowhere to go! You might as well just pinch and pulse instead of trying to stroke. There are 100 ways your genitals are probably inadequate so we happily give a quick and thorough rundown. If your little pinky dick is twitching in recognition buy this clip now! The only thing better than one cruel bitch laughing at your below-average dick is two.

Date: March 15, 2021

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