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DemonGoddessJ Slow Drain Mesmerizing Findom


When you see me posting about rinsing and draining my subs you wonder what the experience is like. When I post screenshots of my big fat tributes you wonder if the rush is really worth it. The answer is YES, bitch. It’s even better than you think it is. The slow build of clicking, paying, obeying makes everything tingle more and pound harder. The fact that not everyone can please me that much is part of the thrill. The fact that you put a smile on my face is all you need to get a semi. I take the role you’ve learned to enjoy and turn it into an immersive experience where you’re nothing but a beta bitch ready to do my bidding. That’s what you need isn’t it? To relinquish control and do exactly as I say. That’s right. Be a good boy and crawl on your knees to beg for this rush.

Date: March 15, 2021

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