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dommebombshell Jerking Bad Blue Aroma breaking bad roleplay


This is the molecular structure of heroin; this is me*thamphetamine; and this one is the alkyl nitrite, you certainly know it as Aroma. And it answers your question about what useful thing you can do with chemistry. If all of you would not come to class just to look at my ass and peek inside my cleavage, you would might learn something. Maybe you could avoid the fate of being dr*ug addicts before you age 30 and become something better… I don’t know, dr*ug… what is the word? What? “Cooks”, thank you. That is the name: “Cook”. You might become dr*ug cooks instead of being dr*ug addicts. Huh. Anyway, dr*ug chemistry deals with creation and transference. It creates euphoria and money. The suckers have seconds of euphoria. And the money goes to the dealers and… and… the “cook”. Huh.Does someone want an extra credit activity? (…) Well, I think now we made it. It took so long but… If you’re gonna do something, do it right. Yeah, it is blue. You have never seen a blue Aroma. Well, I tried something different and it ended up getting that color. This Aroma don’t burn the skin, so it’s safer. And safer is better. I also made it stronger on the effects, but we have to try it to see. What? We have to try it, and by we I mean YOU. You have to try it, I will evaluate the effects. I don’t believe you’ve never used Aroma before. Just sniff it. We use the masks during the cook, now it’s safe. It’s Aroma! You have to sniff it. No! I don’t wanna find someone to try it. I want you to try it. My voice become clearly, more penetrating, more soothing. Huh. You see things glowing. That’s ok. Are you relaxed? Relax. Breathe in another hit. Hold it. Relax. Your pupils are dilated. You are really woozy now, isn’t it? Yes, I see you already have an erection. It works fast. I would like to see what is going on under your yellow suit. What are you doing? You are taking your clothes off. Why are you doing it? Because I told you so. Say it again. You are taking your clothes off because I told you so. And you do it… cause it sounds like a good idea. Wow, that’s good. Take it all off. Get fully naked, would you? My product is amazing. I think I will call it… Blue Aroma. Yes, Blue Aroma, will make me rich. Would you like to see me getting rich, ex-partner? Anything you tell me, Mrs. Vanessa. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk , my Guinea pig. Breathe even deeper now. I wanna see what happens when you explode. Breathe in. Hold it until I give you permission. Faster.

Date: March 15, 2021

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