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During a recent conversation with a slave, Lady Towers mentioned that nothing in life is free. The very very foolish slave replied “Ah but the air that I breath is free Lady Towers” in a somewhat pompous tone of voice. Lady Towers replied that he was mistaken and made a mental note to demonstrate her point at a latter date.Well that was several months ago, but as it turns out Lady Towers friend is leaving the country for a few days and her slave cannot accompany her. So her slave has been offered up to be at Lady Towers service for the duration of her visit overseas.Oh this is great Lady Towers is thinking! I had a bone to pick (or break) with this fuckin loser. It doesn’t take long for her to have him laid out before her after she has easily overpowered this weak mongrel. She wrestled him down like a tiger on a mouse. He can struggle all he wants, but he won’t be going anywhere!Its time to teach him that the air that he breaths is not free, its now her property and he will only get what she allows him to have! She mounts his face and forces his mouth and nostrils into the Vacuum between her buttocks, there is certainly no Free air for him to breath as his struggle so clearly demonstrates. His face face grows brighter red every time that she releases the Deathh grip on his face and allows him to borrow some air. But she has to teach him a little bit more, it’s simply not demeaning enough to simply deprive him, so she needs to pummel his chest with her full body weight and slap that ugly mug his around just for the fun of it.Im sure that this slave is ready to run back to mommy, but unfortunately for him, He belongs to Lady Towers for the next few days!!!Category: HUMILIATIONRelated Categories: FACE SITTING, GIANTESS, FEMALE SUPREMACY, ASS SMOTHERING, WRESTLINGKeywords: female domination, breath play, humiliation, lady towers, bdsm, face slapping, ass sniffing, butt bomb, amazon, verbal humiliation, verbal humiliaton, face sitting, wrestling, smothering, ass smothering

Date: March 15, 2021

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