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Dreamgirls In Socks Carmina and Mikailas Financial Domination


Mikaila has been with us since a very long time for now, so we can all easily remember that time where she was this cute emo eighteen year old girl, but it seems like time has changed for now! She is now one of the leaders, and she likes to introduce new girls to our site. In this clip, she especially wanted to show to Carmina how easy it is to manipulate some guys around, and how she could really take advantage of it. She makes the slave spit a hundred dollar, just to give him the permission to take Carmina’s shoes off, and sniff her sweaty nylon feet! She has been working all day long with her shoes on, so I guess it totally worth it! They were so smelly, and stinky! Mikaila also knows that this loser slave would also love to sniff her feet, so she just asks for another hundred dollar, just to let him take her shoes off. He can just watch her sweaty nylon feet for a hundred dollar, but if he wants to sniff, or lick? It’s gonna be another hundred dollar. The slave is paying for all that the girls want, so they just makes fun at him after that and rub their sweaty nylon feet all over his face! They both make him take some deep breaths in their feet, and ask for a few licks at the bottom of their sweaty nylon soles! The slave must sniff Carmina’s feet, while massaging Mikaila’s feet, and doing everything that the girls want! They just make sure to empty everything that was in his wallet before going out for party and spend all that money! Life is so easy for those girls! This clip is just a must! Download it now!

Date: March 15, 2021

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