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Emily Valentina Executrixxx Girlfriend


You’ve been dating a girl for awhile who is VERY into kinky roleplay. It started off as mild things like student/teacher and has slowly escalated to things like sexual cho king… now, she wants to roleplay an assassin who ends you via breathplay, using her hands around your neck, and smothering you with her massive boobs! You’re secretly all about this- it’s your fetish, in fact- so you go along with it, letting her black you out several times and even tie you up, before she finally has you in such a helpless position that she can reveal the truth! She’s not roleplaying- this she actually is an assassin, and this is her FAVORITE way to get off! You’d better enjoy your orgasm- it will be your last. Originally a custom- name used is Chad.Executrixxx Fantasy, SmotherBig Tits, Bondage, Breath Play, Choking Fantasy, FemDom POV, Femme Fatale, Huge Boobs, Riding Simulation, Role Play, Tit Worship,

Date: March 15, 2021

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