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Emma Lux Lovestruck


When you first started having feelings for me, it was difficult for you. You’d never been this infatuated before…your passion for me and need for my approval was all that mattered. As your feelings began to blossom, you realized something- you are in love with me. You can feel the love and passion you have for me down deep in your core; there has never been anything so obvious in your life. The second you looked into my beautiful eyes you felt love at first site. You denied your love for me at first…but you can’t deny it any longer. You were scared…you were scared to admit your love for me. You were scared to love a woman who would NEVER love you back. I’m so far out of your league and you know it…you’ve accepted it. I’m here to teach you how to cope with this kind of rejection…I’m here to educate you on how to be useful. Your only option is to serve me. I need you to use that love you have for me and get on your knees and worship. You need to cling to my words and obey my commands. Your entire purpose is me now. No I won’t fuck you, no I won’t love you, no I won’t hang out with you…but I will expel my power over you and you can’t resist. It feels amazing serving me…it feels amazing handing over your hard-earned money to me. You don’t even need to look for a girlfriend now..why would you? You have Princess Emma.

Date: March 15, 2021

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