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EMPRESS JENNIFER ASSault on Mission Burrito


Every fuckin time My slave drives Me down this street, he tells Me how good Mission Burrito is. I mean, WTF maybe if he didnt at eat fatty ass diners so much, he wouldnt be such a fat fuck. So what? I just do what I do: I BEAT HIS ASS! Ill bet you after I whack his ass over and over again with a paddle and whip, he will never bother Me about it again! OMG he is such a pain in the ASS sometimes and now Im going to return the favor BY BEATING HIS ASS. He wont be sitting down in any Mexican restaurant any time soon. In fact, he wont be sitting anywhere any time soon, after I get finished with this dimwit. XOXO-your EMPRESS

Date: March 15, 2021

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