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Eva de Vil Denim Fetish Propaganda


This is just an innocuous denim haul try on. I’m a bubbly and obnoxious influencer, showing off my gorgeous body in my favourite denim outfits, rabbiting on about all the cute, little details.As the video progresses, unskippable ads roll, advertising jeans in increasingly provocative segments but every time, we flash back to the cheerful fashionista posing and pouting.Subtly, my ulterior motive begins to melt through the cracks of my innocent facade. I slip in the occasional phrase to program your susceptible mind to crave and obey denim goddesses.The ads stretch out longer, becoming a lurid, intense mind fuck. You’re already deeply under my spell, cock clenching for my tight, blue jeans. I have you firmly in my grasp with my powerful, inescapable denim propaganda.Denim is so commonly worn that you could cross paths with your fetish at any time and fall into helpless lustful submission. You will be a mindless, gooning denim addict for life. The propaganda consumes the final minutes of the clip, culminating in a countdown that ends with denial. Keep jerking, addict.

Date: March 15, 2021

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