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Eva de Vil Edging Tasks for Desperation December


You powered through Locktober and No Nut November like a champion, so after 2 long, mind bending months of denial it must finally be time for you to cum, right? Wrong! December is gonna be hell for you.Your tear inducing daily edging sessions will now be even longer and I’ll have an edging task for you to complete every day this month. This clip covers the first half.I’m delighted to see you falling apart in blue balled agony. I’m gonna give myself so many intense, glorious orgasms knowing that you’re still bottled up!There’s a glimmer of hope: I contemplate letting you wipe the slate clean and start fresh on your December edging tasks, but at the last minute, you realize it was just another of my cruel tricks to head fuck you harder into denial. No more orgasms this year. But I have something planned for NYE…Published Dec 1, 2020Orgasm Denial, Slave Task$16.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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