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Eva de Vil Evil Eva


Succumb to my delicious evil. I will make you stray far from the path of purity and morals with my wicked allure. There’s no shaking me from your mind; you’re plagued by my horrific beauty.With judgement clouded and reason disregarded, you’re manipulated to worship me with libertine abandon. Your sense of rationale frays at the edges as I pick apart the fibers of your meager existence.I will create the fog and lead you through it to my glorious kingdom where you know to idolize me above all else. I illuminate your new purpose. In my kingdom, you are nothing without me and you have no identity outside of my acknowledgement of you. You are a broken disciple of my pleasure, beyond salvation, and you must adapt to the sinful obedience of your new life as my slave.Sensual DominationEvil Fantasy, Goddess Worship, High Heels, Light Humiliation, Luxury, Seduction, Seductress, Sensual, Slave, Villainess,

Date: March 15, 2021

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