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Eva de Vil Resistance Training


In this marathon JOI game, you must make it through various defined rounds of teasing and torment before you finally earn your orgasm.In round 1, I begin by loosening your inhibitions. I instruct you to smoke and hold it to my count. I induce you to believe that if you fail the challenge, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. You’ll have a sense of unresolved dissatisfaction lodged in your mind until you come back and eventually complete the game.On your marks, get set, start pumping!You pass through each segment, defying my best efforts to break you. I make you edge for ass until your head is spinning. My whispers creep into your ears, enticing you to give in and just cum now, but you must resist. You start begging as I control your jerking, stop and go. You surrender your mind to me yet cling to that one autonomy, not cumming. Wait until the end. Hold on or you’ll fail the challenge.I make you stroke for my perfect tits and it’s almost unbearable. You’re slipping, so very close to losing it. In the final few minutes, I start moaning. It’s agony to hold back but you know you must. You have to train yourself to be the best little edge slut for me. You have to prove what a good jerk addict you are, lasting until that last steamy countdown when I’ll reward you with an intense orgasm.

Date: March 15, 2021

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