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EvolvedFights Mistress Kara vs Jack Friday II


We are putting up our first ever Rematch and we have brought back the two most dominant wrestlers. Mistress Kara just defeated every single female she went up against in the lesbian wrestling tournament on Evolved Fights Liz. Jack Friday is undefeated. He has gone up against all of the most elite females we have to offer on the site and he has always come out victoriously. Mistress Kara has only 1 loss on her record and it is against Jack Friday and today she wants redemption. Jack Friday has only one part of his perfect record that is tarnished and that is one round lost in his first match against Kara. So Today Jack is also looking for redemption but getting a perfect score against Kara today. Both of these Athletes have set high standards for themselves today and their skill and heart are all put on display today in this wonderful sex fight. This match is tied at the end of round 3 which means we go into a sudden victory “first to cum loses” tied breaker. Only one can win and today the winner really has to work for it. The winner rubs in the loss with face fucking, standing fucking and verbal teasing. No spoilers but it needs to be said that Jack Friday’s record may no longer be perfect after today when is cock is drained with a cream pie finish.

Date: March 15, 2021

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