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Goddess Alexandra Snow Damned Devotion Invocation of Lust


EPILEPSY WARNING: Flashing Images/effectsYou were searching for something free. You were searching for a life without fear or shame. That’s when you found her. She dismantled your upbringing in the church in a single night. She guided you into the arms of Lucifer and showed you true pleasure. Something about her made you not afraid for your immortal soul. You wanted to go deeper. You wanted to give in to Lucifer and live the life you always dreamed. There was a ritual. The Invocation of Lust. Lust is one of the ultimate free expressions we can share with another human. As long as consent is acquired, this pleasure can be endless. In lust, you can become closer to Lucifer. You can see the truth and reason spread out through the lies man creates to cage you. Like dew drops on a spider web, that connection to Lucifer makes you see what could confine you and was once invisible. You’re going to help her complete this ritual now. She will mount you and with her and your bodies together you will find a connection to Lucifer. You will be free. She removes her clothes and places herself on top of you. Your vision is so clear and crisp. You can almost see Lucifer there, with you, in this moment.Published Oct 30, 2020Supernatural Fantasy$24.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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