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Goddess Alexandra Snow Trance Enraptured NLP Brainwash


enrapture [en-rap-cher] – verb – 1. to fill with delight; enchant. Enrapture mean to have a powerful, agreeable, and often overwhelming emotional effect on someone.This video is done Neurolinguistic Programming style, which means it begins casually and conversationally.. then descends into an almost seamless t****e through voice inflection and specific words. It’s only a matter of moments before you’re listening to my voice but you can’t remember what I said. Your head feels soft and fuzzy, your conciousness is slipping away. You begin to understand this word: rapture. You feel enchanted with my voice, my face, my lovely eyes.. soon the world fades away and it is only you and I. Slowly and completely, I become the very center of your world.This a powerful NLP brainwash style t****e!

Date: March 15, 2021

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