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Goddess Alexandra Snow Trance Trained to Love My P ss


One of the things hyp nosis is so perfect for is helping to eradicate fears and obstacles. Like you, my slave, who becomes so very excited at the idea of drinking my golden nectar but you feel that you could never actually do it. Allow me to relax you, put you under, make you comfortable and penetrate your mind. Let’s discuss serving me, getting to drink from the most sacred of fountains, and how doing this will please me greatly. I want you to stroke, to beg, to whimper.. because when the time comes that you are ready to lie beneath my toilet and drink all of my beautiful pee, you will be grateful.Why the premium? This is an INCREDIBLY HOT and very intimate look at . It includes a completely uncensored view of my holiest of holies as I allow it to rain into your waiting mouth, with a slow-motion encore as I allow you to cum. (As many of my fans know, the only nudity that I find to be dominant is that viewed when serving as toilet.)Are you ready to begin this stage of your training? Are you ready to serve your Goddess?Video includes: female domination, h y p n o s i s, toilet slavery, toilet training, close-ups, Goddess worship$49.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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