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Goddess Alexandra Snow Upgraded Subject Training Step 1


Hello boy. I have a little assignment for you. I want you to begin to optimize your abilities as a hypn*tic subject. I’m going to give you two sets of audio training to listen to. You’ll listen to in the morning, and one at night. I want you to be able to go down for me at a moments notice so each audio training will have a set of linguistic triggers to help you.This particular audio is the night time training. As your mind settles down for s***p I want you to let me into your mind. As your eyes start to flutter shut and you drift in that place between s***p and awake, I want you to feel my presence there. Now doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t it feel oh so good to let those conscious thoughts slide away like rain on a rooftop? I know it does. Let your mind be as blank and as dark as the night sky. I will be your guiding stars. I will be the light that carries you on until morning.**This is the version containing complimenting visual effects to enhance the audio experience**

Date: March 15, 2021

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