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Goddess Angel Is this a joke


Ugh, great. My br0’s stupid friend is over again… But where’s my br0ther? Maybe he’s waiting for him…. whatever… What is this freak doing staring at me like that? Is it because of my dress? I’m totally going to fuck with him, confuse his little dweeb brain… EW! Gross, I can’t believe he’s trying to flirt with me, the little fucking twerp… I bet he has a TINY cock. Stupid losers always reek of dicklet energy.Well, what he waiting for? I totally told him to whip it out… annnnd just as I predicted! TINY. LOL. Hold on creep, I’ve got to get this on video…. GOTCHA! You’re not going anywhere, bitch. Keep stroking, I’m really intrigued to see how something that small can actually be stroked! I’ve never seen something so pathetic in my life…I’m going to make this guy my bitch, or else. I’ll tell everyone, show everyone the discovered I’ve just made…. But first, I need more evidence. Keep jerking off loser! I’m sooo going to use you later.

Date: March 15, 2021

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