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Goddess Brooke Mistress Victoria Twins Brooke and Vikki Fetish Tease


We are all at a college party when we find you in a room all by yourself. Having been playing tippy cup we have lost some of our clothes. We think it is only fair that you do the same. We encourage you to take your pants and boxers off, it’s only fair right? We immediately start to laugh and realize why we have never seen you with a girl. LOOK at that SMALL DICK! It is so tiny. Uh oh now we feel bad. I guess we will hurry up and do a pity jerk for you. All the while laughing and can not believe how small you are. You cum on Brooke and Vikki runs out of the room laughing and disgusted. Sucks to be you with your small cock eh?

Date: March 15, 2021

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