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Goddess Celine Dangerous Temptation Worth More


Do you remember what doctor says at latest medical examination? He sayd No sexual excitament or any kind of .. for 6 month, just take your pills and rest as long as possible, otherwise your poor heart wont resist longer, avoid strong emotions and stay away from your horny wife 🙂 Also he says as a joke of course :Dude your worth more d#ad then alive, this makes me thinking so much so much’ you worth more dd then alive , your live insurance its just impressing, I could buy a pair of shoes every day! what about your wild wife? She got hers needs, doctor told her also, you are so stressed you need more sex, more sexy , and you will feel more relaxed. Well you cant resist to my powerful pu$$y, I know you need to lick it..come on..

Date: March 15, 2021

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