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Goddess Christina PUSSIFIED


Just sit there like a Good Boy as I work my magic. You can’t look away. No. That’s not even a possibility. You’re being Pussified. Put in your place. Weakened. Emasculated. You feel the energy pumping throughout your body as that cock stands nice and erect for Me. You’re so hard! You want to pump for Me – don’t you? Go on – PUMP! There is no opposition. Only acceptance. Pussy is to be worshipped. It’s only for your eyes. Only to make you more stupid. More pathetic. To push you further down the rabbit hole! You can never go back to being a normal man. You never were. You’re too impressionable. Susceptible to all my games. Influenced by your own weakness. You’re locked in. The ride has begun. I put a spell on you – because You’re MINE! No matter what you do – You’re MINE! *Includes fetishes: Pussy Denial, Mind Fuck, Pussy Worship, Pussy Control, Ass Worship, Ass Fetish, Asshole Fetish, Femdom, POV, Female Domination, Goddess Worship, Sensual Domination, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement

Date: March 15, 2021

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