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Goddess Danielle Cuckold Loser Programming


A deep glimpse into my personal life like NEVER BEFORE! Featuring the big cocked alpha’s cock which i adore to fuck of course this comes at a cost to a pathetic beta bitch like you. This is a custom clip with name reference one. Losers clip request Maybe starting off with just you, speaking to me like I’ve just asked you out or something, rejecting me and they saying something along the lines of “no I won’t go out with you.. but! You can buy my man presents and send us money for being a real man and looking after me like you can’t!” Then turning to him and making out loads, lots of touching boobs and ass, but obviously no nudity as I wouldn’t deserve that. Maybe you could make eye contact with me a few times during that and give me the finger? Then at the end he could maybe carry you off out of shot to the bedroom while you laugh and say bye and tell me to get sending? Also using my name, danny#Alpha, #Ass Tease, #Bratty Goddess, #Cock Worship, #Cuckold, #Femdom, #Findom Goddess, #Goddess Worship, #Loser Abuse, #Stocking Fetish,

Date: March 21, 2021

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