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Goddess Dommelia Ballbusting The Gym Creep


I am working out and you notice Me, and you come up and squeeze My ass. I am obviously offended, and subdue you and tie you up. I tell you that I’m tired of men thinking they can do what they want and I am going to start teaching them a lesson about what a girl can do back. I tell you that I’m going to inflict pain on you, right where men fear the most. I look down at your balls and tell you I’m going to Torment your testicles. I start squeezing your balls and asking you if you like that as I inflict pain… and I say that’s what it feel like when you squeeze my ass. After squeezing the hell out of your balls, I punch, kick, flog, knee, and whatever fun ideas I have for ball busting you. By the end, I flaunt My body, showcasing My tits and ass that you tried to grab without permission. I tell you that you tried to grab something that didn’t belong to you, and now you’re going to lose something important to you (your balls). I grab your testicles again and squeeze them tighter and tighter until you pass out!

Date: March 15, 2021

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