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Goddess Eliza Herbal Intox


It’s time to get fucked up for Me in a whole new way, puppet. Make sure you’ve got some **** handy, because you’re going to be smoking and stroking through this intense, mesmerizing session. Whichever way you prefer to Smoke is fine, as long as it gets you super high and stupid for Me. Feel your chest expand as you take deep, long hits exactly when I say. Run your hand up and down your cock, hard and dripping from staring at My perfect body. Everything feels so much more intense when you’re high, every stroke more incredible than the one before it. Smoking, stroking, worshipping My juicy ass, tits, legs and feet…it’s no coincidence that the higher you get, the deeper you fall for Me. All you can do is stroke and obey, getting mindfucked and drained for your gorgeous Goddess…

Date: March 15, 2021

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